Author: Hans 21. März 2011

Welcome to the wonderful world of art, created by Hans Matick.
Since 1996 Hans has created some of the world’s most creative
pieces of art using 3D and 4D computer applications. Not only an artist
of paper, Hans has an all around creative background. He has recieved
numerous awards for computer aided art, photography skills, and has
produced several award winning artistic films.
“Photography is the center of my work. I use only my own photos.
Most of them I leave as an orginal photo, but some of them are
composed with different computer programs. Many of my  art pictures
are completely constucted with a computer.” -Hans Matick
In this website you find information about Hans himself, some of
his artwork and the services he still provides today

In late 1996 Hans started what he called his “Obession” to
photography and travel. Since 1996 Dr. Matick traveled the world
living months at a time in countries around the world. It was in
the year 2000 while visiting the west coast of the United States,
Dr. Matick started his experimental photography phase, gaining
inspiration for 3D and 4D animations.
Inspired by the glass works of Robin Poff, and some of her 3D
animations. Dr. Matick started to create detailed, in depth
computer aided artwork. This inturned help Dr. Matick publish his
first Internet Exhibition, in late 2001
Dr. Matick, limited only by his own imagination, completed a
masters degree of Multimedia-Documentation in 2004, to help him
understand how to use state of the art computer programs at that
Since then he has created different photo exhibitions, artistic
films, postcards and calendars.
In December 2003 Dr. Matick opened his own Photo-Studio and